At Mindful Chef we put a lot of thought and effort into our recipes every week. We are the only company in the UK to cater for Vegans and I love coming up with fun and healthy takes on traditional dishes. Take our lentil and courgetti bolognese below for example. Plant-based dishes can and should be both delicious and exciting. Here are 3 you can make at home yourselves.

Vegan Recipe

Fajita bowl with spicy quinoa, beans and sliced avocado

This dish should be known as the Spicy Fajita Rainbow bowl if colours are anything to go by. We try and include as many colours and vegetables in our meals as possible and believe colours are a great indicator of goodness. Check out the recipe here.

healthy dinner

Rich lentil & tomato bolognese with courgetti and pine nuts

We have replaced traditional starchy white pasta and spaghetti with nutritious good-for-you courgetti to make this dish not only delicious but also healthier for you. You can find a link for this great tasting vegan version of a traditional Italian bolognese here.

Vegan Recipe

Crispy courgette fritters with tarragon, crushed avocado and quinoa

These crispy courgette fritters are packed with chickpeas, garlic and delicate tarragon, rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, and served alongside quinoa for an extra protein hit. You can find the full recipe here.