I have put together a list of my favourite 3 plant-based recipes from our library that you can cook at home. Better yet why not take a look at our recipes and have all of the good-for-you ingredients delivered straight to your door.

Vegan Recipe

Moroccan spiced aubergine, chickpea & apricot tagine

While exploring the markets of Marrakech with her sister, Louisa was excited by the vibrant, colourful and fragrant spices to create this Moroccan inspired dish. You can find a link to our healthy tagine here.

healthy dinner

Vietnamese pho with courgetti noodles, tofu & cashews

You can find a link for this great tasting vegan version of a Vietnamese Pho here.

Vegan Recipe

Tofu Pad Thai with red pepper, carrot & courgetti noodles

This dish is inspired by our chef Louisa's travels around Asia. Spending many hours sampling dishes from Bangkok's street food and markets in small villages, Louisa has put a creative spin on the traditional Pad Thai so you can cook this delicious plant-based version. You can find the full recipe here.

Every week we create 3 delicious, imaginative and simple vegan recipes for you to cook at home. Not only do we use fresh organic produce from amazing suppliers in the Westcountry, we also never add any refined carbohydrates or cheap fillers like white pasta or white rice. We are the only recipe box company to cater for vegans, something we are very proud of.

We understand the importance of ensuring you eat a good amount of quality, nutrient-dense plant-based foods to ensure optimal health. Plants are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre so you can be assured with Mindful Chef you're eating a varied and well balanced diet.