Everyone knows that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. By eating the right types of food before, during and after exercise you can influence your energy levels and help prepare your body for the demands of your workout and subsequent recovery from it.

Here are four Mindful Chef dinners that will help your body recover from workouts and place you in the best possible position to get the results you want.

Chimichurri steak with roasted pepper & baked sweet potato Recipe here healthy dinner Your post-workout meal should include a good amount of protein, carbohydrates and be slightly lower in fats. Training will lead to a breakdown of muscle tissue which can be repaired by protein (or more importantly amino acids). We only use high quality sources of protein.

Ginger & spring onion haddock with miso & lime quinoa Recipe here
healthy dinner Eating carbohydrates will help replenish glycogen stores that have been used up through training. Our meals look to include quality sources of carbohydrates like sweet potato, butternut squash and other nutrient dense vegetables to encourage recovery and repair.

Pork paprika chilli with sweet potato wedges & avocado Recipe here healthy dinner Not all fats are the same - good fats are essential for the body, play an important role in vitamin absorption and are an amazing source of energy. At Mindful Chef we use healthy fats like nuts and avocados and never include bad fats (like the ones you might find in processed foods).

Roasted squash and buckwheat risotto with crispy sage Recipe here alt If you're following a vegan diet it's important to look out for plant based sources of protein. Buckwheat is a great gluten-free carbohydrate source, high in both protein and fibre - perfect for after exercise.

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