When we speak about being Mindful we don't necessarily mean you have to take up meditating and completely change the way you live your life. There are plenty of other smaller changes you can make to your daily routine that will help you unwind, destress and enjoy life as much as possible. Here are 5 easy ways you can be Mindful everyday.

1. Eat fresh, whole foods - this is the message we advocate the strongest. We believe eating a diet full of fresh, non-processed foods will help you be more productive and sustain energy levels for longer. If you're unsure of what you should be eating take a look at our recipes page.

2. Sleep is important - so much so we wrote a whole article on the benefits of sleep on your health and wellness. Learn to turn off your phone, TV or other device by a certain time. Allow your mind to relax and unwind before you go to sleep. Nothing is so important it can't wait until the next day.

3. Stretch and move a lot - we regularly have meetings outside or get up out of our chairs and move around. If you want to live a long, healthy, mobile life you need to ensure you dedicate time to moving your body. Otherwise you will have aches and pains and you will find it harder to move as you get older.

4. Take time for lunch - another thing we encourage everyone to do. Whether that be going to the gym or just taking a walk outside. You shall get more work done having taken a break away from your desk. Try and find some green space and allow yourself to think and reflect on the things going on in your life.

5. Stop multitasking - there has been a lot of evidence recently to suggest we are more productive if we dedicate time to a task and finish it rather than moving from one thing to another in quick succession. This ties in with planning and arranging your time efficiently.

If you can make one small change from this list try and change the way you eat and view food. Our healthy eating plan can point you in the right direction and help make healthy eating easy.

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