Pancakes, waffles and cereal are back on the menu. And they just got a health boost.

Almond and Coconut Pancakes

healthy pancakes

Why we love ‘em:

Pancakes: The arch nemesis of the gluten-free breakfast fan. Or so we thought. Amazingly, these pancakes are not only grain-free – but they’re packed with good things too. And did we mention they’re absolutely delicious?

Mix it up:

Swap the plum sauce for a sugar-free compote. Just cook your favourite seasonal fruit with a glug of fresh orange juice until soft and syrupy. Leave to cool and spoon over your pancakes for a sweet breakfast treat.

Find the recipe here.

Orange Spice Granola with Figs and Pistachios

healthy granola

Why we love it:

Shop-bought granola tends to be a hot mess of sugar, palm oil and refined grains. Not so with this healthy homemade version. Loaded with dried figs, pistachios and heart-healthy seeds, it’s perfect topped with a splash of dairy-free milk and sliced banana.

Mix it up:

Replace half the gluten-free oats for buckwheat for extra flavour, crunch and nutrients.

Find the recipe at Tasty Yummies.

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Breakfast Bowl

healthy burrito

Why we love it:

Start your day the veggie way with these delicious breakfast bowls. Sweet potato, black beans, avocado and corn combine to make a comforting and nutritious AM feast.

Mix it up:

Ditch your preconceptions about typical ‘breakfast foods’ and experiment with roasted squash, kale and broccoli. Why not experiment with the beans too – pinto, cannellini and black eyed peas are all great alternatives. Bonus points if you manage to cook up a batch on Sunday to see you through the week.

Find the recipe at Dishing Up The Dirt.

Sweet Potato Rosti with Spinach and Smoked Salmon

healthy rostis

Why we love it:

With its poached egg and wilted spinach, this dish is channeling the classic Eggs Benedict – without any of the heartburn. Served alongside smoked salmon and a few wedges of avocado, this really is a breakfast of champions.

Mix it up:

For the complete Eggs Benedict experience, try whipping up this dairy-free Hollandaise sauce. Perfect for a lazy weekend brunch.

Find the recipe at Cookbooks 365.

Buckwheat Waffles

healthy waffles

Why we love ‘em:

These buckwheat beauties are the perfect excuse to dust off that waffle iron. Not only are they super simple to make, but they’re delicious topped with almond butter, berries and – if you’re feeling indulgent – whipped coconut cream.

Mix it up:

Don’t just stick to sweet waffles. Instead, skip the cinnamon and top with avocado and a poached egg.

Find the recipe at Modern Wife Style.