We take great pride in our suppliers and the amazing produce we are able to send out on a weekly basis. We believe you should know where your food comes from and we believe in using the very best farms to supply it.

By reducing your intake of gluten, refined sugars and processed food you're going to look and feel a lot healthier. That is why you will never find any cheap fillers in our food like white pasta or white bread.

To find more great tasting low carb recipes take a look at what's coming up in Mindful Chef boxes next week.

1. Teryaki steak skewers with Asian salad & cauliflower rice low carb steak Our grass fed organic beef comes from family run Eversfield Organic in Devon. Eversfield farm place great importance on ensuring high animal welfare and that all of their animals are treated in a caring and stress free way. Recipe here

2. Sundried tomato chicken, squash & baked avocado egg low carb chicken Our chickens come from another farm in the green hills of Devon. Otter Valley let their chicks run free across 3 sites - all chosen because of their peaceful location and natural environment. Otter Valley believes this is paramount so the chickens can enjoy a stress-free lifestyle. There are no pesticides or fertilisers and our chickens get to live twice as long as conventional ones. Recipe here

3. Spiced lamb & sweet potato curry with broccoli rice low carb lamb We are lucky to be supplied with organic grass fed lambs from Eversfield. All of their lambs are free to roam across their Devon and Cornish farms. Recipe here

4. Za'atar pollock, pomegranate tabbouleh & harissa dip low carb fish Another family run business Celtic Fish and Game are positioned fantastically in Cornwall to take advantage of the fish landed in their local port Newlyn. Ensuring the fish they supply is sustainably caught is very important and by sourcing from their local markets they can guarantee this. We can trace the fish you eat to the exact boat that caught it. Recipe here

5. Thai pork meatballs in a coconut & courgetti noodle soup low carb meal We manage to source the finest organic pork mince from Eversfield farm where pigs are free to roam and live outside. Recipe here

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