Chargrilled veggies, flavour-packed burgers and vibrant salads make vegan barbecues an absolute treat, whether you’re a meat-eater or not. So send out the invites, dust off the grill and get ready to rock your vegan BBQ this summer.

Make your own delicious burgers

Say goodbye to frozen veggie burgers. Homemade patties are the only way to go if you want to make a real impression at your next BBQ. From black beans and chickpeas to mushrooms and sweet potato, there are loads of directions to take your vegan burgers. Why not try our sweet potato and lentil burgers? Full of flavour from spring onion, smoky paprika and a generous squeeze of lemon.

vegan burger

Ditch the mayo

Let’s face it: no BBQ is complete without a big bowl of potato salad. And a plant-based al fresco feast is no different. To transform everybody’s favourite side into a vegan delight, all you have to do is swap out the egg-based mayo for avocado. As Detoxinista proves, the results are creamy, nutritious and utterly addictive.

Experiment with jackfruit

The world’s largest fruit, jackfruit is nutritious, versatile, and the perfect canvas for any flavours you throw at it. In other words, it’s a vegan’s dream. So pick one up from your local Asian supermarket and start experimenting. When it comes to converting a carnivorous crowd, our favourite way of serving up jackfruit is pulled pork style, and this recipe from Vegan Richa is just the trick. Pile it on top of your vegan burgers for the full southern BBQ experience.

jack fruit

Spice it up

Grilled vegetables don’t have to be slathered in butter to be delicious. All you need is a squeeze of citrus and a bit of spice to make fresh summer produce the star of the show. To channel the Mexican street food vibe, spike your grilled corn on the cob with chilli powder and lime. Or for kebabs with a kick, try these Salt and Pepper Tofu Skewers from Jamie Oliver or our chipotle veggie kebabs. Delicious.

Don’t forget dessert

Vegan BBQs aren’t all about veggies – there are plenty of ways to give seasonal fruit the grilling treatment too. Nectarines, pears, bananas and apple all make delicious grilled fruit skewers, but for a real sweet showstopper reach for the peaches. Served with a thick coconut cream, these sticky sweet peaches from Nutrition Stripped are utterly delightful (and did we mention refined sugar-free?).

griddled peaches