In theory, New Year’s resolution are a great idea. After weeks of overindulgence, they offer the perfect opportunity to take stock and start afresh. Except the thing is, only eight per cent of people who make resolutions actually follow through with them. Inspiring, right?

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother. The trick with resolutions is coming up with a good’un – and making it as easy as possible to stick to it. Here’s how it’s done.

Educate Yourself

Vowing to lose weight or get fit may be noble resolutions, but on their own they’re destined to fall flat. Instead, commit yourself to learning more about nutrition and health.
As soon as you discover the exact effect of certain foods and exercise on your health, it’ll be far easier to make a positive change that sticks.

Be Mindful

No matter how determined you are to turn things around, sometimes there’ll be days when you slip up. And that’s okay. An important part of mindfulness is the idea that we start afresh every single day, giving us a new opportunity to try again. So the next time you lose focus, go easy on yourself Just make sure you get right back on the horse tomorrow.

Find A Buddy

Jumping into a new exercise routine alone can be overwhelming, so it always helps to find a workout buddy. Exercising with a friend is great in so many ways. Not only does it make the whole experience more enjoyable, but it forces you to be accountable. And of course, a bit of healthy competition is never a bad thing either.

Choose A Word Of The Year

Before listing the pounds you want to lose, the books you want to read, or the languages you want to learn, choose a word of the year.

Take a moment to think about the person you want to be and the changes you want to make. What word springs to mind? Whether it’s peaceful and focused, or adventurous and energised, the idea is to let this one word shape the individual goals you set for yourself. So when you feel like giving up, remember your word of the year. It might well help you get back on track.

Be Realistic

The more things you try to change in a short time frame, the less likely you are to change anything over the long term. Life is a marathon, not a hundred metre sprint and changing bad habits takes time. So instead of aiming for a hugely ambitious goal, try shifting your focus to the smaller things that can add up to make a major, lasting impact on your overall health and happiness.

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