We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but few of us actually know why this is the case. A healthy breakfast will set up your neurotransmitters for the rest of the day – your attention span and concentration levels. Imagine how much more productive your mornings could be if you were more alert and had more energy for a longer period of time. We want to help you make healthy choices not only at dinner but also throughout the rest of the day so here is your handy guide to breakfast.

Option 1 – meat and nuts.

Eating meat will allow for a slow and steady rise in blood sugar (compare this with a sudden, sharp rise followed by an even faster drop in sugar levels when eating most cereals). The nuts are a great source of healthy fats that will help the blood sugar stay stable over a longer period of time. This combination will help you sustain energy and alertness levels for longer.

Myles’ choice – turkey breasts & handful cashew nuts

Giles’ choice – smoked salmon omelette

Note – Don’t be limited in your choices; red meats, white meats, fish and nuts in their natural form are all on the menu. If you can’t eat nuts think of low GI fruits like avocado, blackberries or cherries.

Option 2 – Buckwheat blueberry porridge

Contrary to its name buckwheat is not actually a wheat and is gluten free. If you’re not keen on having meat every morning rotate this meal into your diet instead. Just leave the buckwheat to soak over night and then add almond milk, blueberries, seeds etc to the mixture in the morning. Get creative with what you add just make sure they are low GI fruits.

Need suggestions for dinner??