We already know how beneficial yoga can be for our bodies from previous articles. However, in order to get the most from yoga you should support your practise through healthy eating. Traditionally yoga preaches the 8 limbs of yoga, targeting a predominantly plant-based diet aimed at spiritual enlightenment. At Mindful Chef we place great importance on the environment and ensuring all of our food is ethically sourced. It is difficult to ignore that livestock agriculture is contributing to manmade climate change and it requires a lot more land than plant-based agriculture, land which is becoming more and more scarce.

However, we enjoy eating meat and believe there are numerous health benefits to eating a balanced diet of both meat and vegetables. We ensure all of our ingredients and produce is organic where possible and ethically sourced form local suppliers.

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What is healthy eating?

Our ethos is to eat as much raw, natural food as possible. If you can catch it, grow it or pluck it from the land then it is good for you. In terms of yoga we do not follow the 8 limbs but there is an importance around which type of doshas you are. Your dosha is your body type and will help you understand how you function mentally, physically and emotionally in relation to your overall body type. There are three types of dosha:

Kapha – relates to strength and energy. You are typically a grounded person, slow-paced but stable. It is best to eat light, warm and spicy food. 

Vata – is the most important of all three doshas. It is the main driver of the body and keeps the other two in balance. Personality can be excitable and full of enthusiasm but your mood can change quickly and you tend to act on impulse. It is best to eat cooked, warm food. 

Pitta – fiery personality but very focused with good concentration. You would do better to avoid spicy, oily foods and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Which one are you? Follow this link to find out which one you are and then you can tailor your diet accordingly to ensure you balance your doshas and understand your body type.

For example if you were mainly a Kapha body type you may need to eat more hot, spicy food to motivate you and get your metabolism working more efficiently. Our lamb recipe would be a perfect example of earthly and spicy food which would help to balance out your doshas.

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If on the other hand you have more of a Pitta personality then you would want to limit the amount of spicy food you eat. In this case our vegetarian lasagne would be better for you.

Vegetarian lasagne

Or you may be more of a Vata body type. If this is the case our lentil and tomato bolognese would be perfect for you. A warming nourishing dish which is easy to digest and includes nuts, ideal for Vata types.


Most of us will be a combination of all three but favour two of the doshas more heavily. It is important to understand which one you are so you can take steps to ensuring all three are held in balance by one another. You can tailor your diet around this and it will help transition into every aspect of life from personal to working relationships. How you feel both physically and mentally can be affected by the food you are eating in relation to which body type you are.

The main points you should take from eating and yoga are to ensure you know where your food is coming from. Whether you favour a plant-based diet or not, it is important to know that you are eating high quality, sustainably caught / grown food from local suppliers. We like to say that we are Mindful from plough to plate because we have fantastic relationships with our suppliers and we try to be responsible in the way we source food and the way we ship it to your doors. If you combine all of this with a little understanding of your own body type you can make small changes that will have a dramatic effect on your general wellbeing.

If you’re still stuck and looking for inspiration of what to eat take a look at next weeks recipes.

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