We know how easy it is for healthy eating to go out the window over Christmas, that's why we've teamed up with Pip & Nut to bring you this delicious recipe that tastes indulgent but is actually packed full of good-for-you ingredients!

500ml almond milk
150ml coconut yoghurt
3 tbsp Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter
2 bananas
1 tbsp flax seeds
2 tsp oats
1 tbsp honey (optional)

Grind flaxseeds & oats into a fine powder using a pestle mortar. Add all the ingredients into a food processor until all the ingredients are fully incorporated.


Did you know… Almonds are a good source of zinc, magnesium & potassium and are rich in antioxidant vitamin E, which helps to keep skin looking healthy.

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