Here at Mindful Chef we love getting creative, which is why we adore Bloom & Wild’s foolproof DIY Christmas wreaths. Their wreaths have been created to fit perfectly through your letterbox and are easily assembled in minutes, having been pre-decorated for you!


Bloom & Wild, the flower delivery company, have shared their top tips to a perfect Christmas Wreath, so now you’ve got no excuses...

1) If you’re making your own wreath at home, find components that are local and will last. Pine cones, dried fruit and winter blooms are our favourites, so we’ve got birch branches, skimmia berries and leaves as well as pine cones. Skimmia folliage is often used at Christmas and bears a resemblance to Holly. Cinnamon sticks and dried flowers work well too depending on the decor of your home.

2) Our wreath semi-circles are easily placed together by inserting the metal base into the tube. Make sure they are securely bound together and you’re ready to add to your wreath!

3) To start adding to your wreath we always recommend adding foliage first to the base and building from there. Wiring stems is simple, just thread some thin floral wire through the stem base. From there you can add each skimmia branch one by one, each facing in the same direction around the wreath.

4) Wire your oranges next, and do so at the edge of the rind so that the wire is less visible. We nestle the oranges into each bunch of skimmia and add the pine cones on top of the oranges. By doing this we create a hierarchy of larger to more delicate additions towards the front. Repeat the wiring for your pine cones (just around the scales) and nestle into the dried orange.

5) Add final touches like the birch and finally your bow! Keep your wreath in a cool place and it should last for over a month.

Already sorted your wreath this year? Head to to browze their brilliant bouquets, tiny Christmas trees or gift-subscriptions, guaranteed to brighten up any home over the festive period.


Did you know… wreaths have been used symbolically for centuries, as their circular shape represents eternity, having no beginning or end. In fact, wreaths became a sign of victory in ancient Rome and some believe this is where the tradition of hanging wreaths on our doors originates.

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