Most of us end up looking for some sort of lifestyle change in January. So why not give yourself (and your guests) a head start by throwing a New Year’s bash that’s as healthy as it is happy.

From gluten-free canapes to vegan puds, these healthy tips and tricks will help you ring in the New Year the right way.

Ditch the crisps


Crisps might be a favourite party standby, but they’re loaded with salt and fat. And on top of that, they’re pretty unoriginal. So skips the chips and opt for some healthier nibbles.

Roasted chickpeas are a great option. Not only are they loaded with protein, but they give you the freedom to play around with flavours. For perfectly crispy chickpeas, you can’t go wrong with this recipe from the Steamy Kitchen.

Celebrate your veggies

By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, most of us are desperate for something green. Yep, a diet of mince pies and mulled wine will do that to a person. So sprightly dips and crunchy crudites are always a welcome sight at any NYE party.

But why not shake things up a bit? Thinly sliced courgette, asparagus spears, tenderstem broccoli and raw fennel all make delicious crudites that’ll get your guests talking. And presented on a platter alongside some homemade hummus or a vegan bean dip, they make a glorious centerpiece too.

Go Gluten-Free gluten-free

From sausage rolls to cheese twists, the usual party fare is a pretty beige affair. So try ditching the gluten this New Year’s Eve in favour of fresh flavours and healthy all natural ingredients.

Chickpea blinis topped with smoked salmon, lettuce tacos and baked falafels are all great options. But we especially love this recipe for vegan Vietnamese spring rolls from Girl Make Food. Packed full of crunchy vegetables, each one is wrapped in delicate rice paper. An elegant dish that’s 100% gluten-free.

Hold Back On The Booze


There’s nothing worse than seeing in the New Year with a killer hangover. So remember to give your guests a delicious non-alcoholic drink option this party season. Try using fresh herbs and homemade cordials to give your booze-free cocktails that deliciously classy touch. And just so that nobody feels they’re missing out, serve them in your finest glassware with plenty of ice.

Finally, don’t forget the bubbles! This basil and grapefruit spritzer from One Two Simple Cooking is as elegant as it is delicious – perfect for when the clock strikes midnight.

Try A Vegan Dessert


Your guests don’t have to be vegan to enjoy a plant-based pud. Guaranteed to be dairy-free, they’re usually a lot healthier than your average fat-laden dessert – and they can taste divine too.

Individual chocolate puddings are always a good idea. A healthy mix of avocado, cocoa and pure maple syrup, these decadent little puds are a real crowd pleaser. Find The Simple Veganista’s recipe here.