Seaweed is being hailed as a remarkable superfood, and rightly so, as it contains the highest number of vitamins and minerals than any other food group. We are excited to be using crispy Cornish seaweed in our Baked salmon with asparagus and poached egg recipe next week. The rich salty flavour of seaweed complements fish beautifully and its wealth of health benefits means it's definitely a food we should be eating lots more of.

Seaweed contains protein as well as fibre and is low in fat. It contains a wide range of minerals including iodine needed for thyroid function, calcium for building and maintaining strong bones, iron for transporting oxygen around the body, and magnesium for a healthy immune system.

We've sourced our seaweed from The Cornish Seaweed Company. They hand harvest and dry all of their edible seaweed locally and sustainably, supporting the natural ecosystem. We are using their sea salad, a nutrient packed mix of Dulse, Nori and Sea Lettuce.

Go on, give it a try!