Banish boredom for good this summer with these 5 super simple activity ideas. Perfect for keeping your little ones moving – even on those rainy days.

Send the kids on a treasure hunt

Although we may hunt for things all the time (hello wallet, phone, and keys!), your kids don't always get the same chance at discovery. So get those cogs churning and hearts pumping with a homemade treasure hunt.

Don’t have time to come up with your own rhyming riddles? No worries. Find a printable scavenger hunt here.

Banish boredom with a Bored Jar

alt They’re the two words every parent fears: “I’m bored”. So why not nip that boredom in the bud with an activity jar? The ideas can be as simple as a kickabout in the park or a splash in the paddling pool – whatever it takes to get the kids moving, with minimal fuss.

Find more Bored Jar inspiration here.

Head down to the woods with a teddy bear’s picnic

You don’t need a special occasion to plan a teddy bears’ picnic. Just pack up some healthy snacks, roundup the bears, and head to your nearest park. For the full experience, make sure you go for a walk in the woods – after all, you never know what you’ll find.

Beat cabin fever with active indoor games

A rainy day doesn’t have to mean a duvet day. Get your little ones moving with some energy-busting indoor games. From balloon volleyball to an obstacle maze, the activities should challenge minds as well muscles – leaving you with worn out kids who won’t complain when it comes to hitting the hay.

Find some indoor game inspiration here.

Hold your own sports day

Who said sports day has to be only once a year? Hosting your own games at home means you can include everybody’s favourite events (hello egg and spoon race), while burning off some of the pent up energy. All you need is a chalk board, some medals, and a bit of imagination to throw a sports day of champions.

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