Do you struggle to keep track of how much you’re eating every day? Do you even know how many calories you should be eating? Calorie counting can be boring, tedious and inaccurate at the best of times. We provide calories and macronutrients so those people who do wish to keep track can do so as efficiently as possible. However, for the majority of people there is an easier and better way to create a healthy eating plan. 

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Using your fist, palm, hand and thumb to regulate calorie control is a much easier and simple way of staying on top of what you are eating. No more measuring scales or having to input numbers into a fitness app to tell you whether you are on target or not. You are more likely to maintain this type of healthy eating plan over a longer period of time rather than relying on your phone and a commitment to writing down every meal you eat. 

Hand of fruit

How does it work?

  • Your palm = protein portions
  • Your fist = veggie portions
  • Your cupped hand = carb portions
  • Your thumb = fat portions
  • Women – will have 1 of each at every meal, aiming for 4 meals a day 
  • Men – will have 1-2 of each at every meal, aiming for 6 meals a day 
  • Example – women will have 1 palm-sized portion of protein at each meal (small steak), 1 fist-sized portion of vegetables at each meal (broccoli), 1 cupped hand-sized portion of carbohydrates at each meal (could be fruits) and 1 thumb-sized portion of fats (nuts). 

All you need to do now is put this method into practise and avoid the hassle of counting calories. You will need to tailor this approach depending on your individual requirements, goals and particular body shape but this is a good starting point. For more help and inspiration on what you should be eating click below.