We all have the best intentions but without a plan it’s so easy to fall into bad habits and make poor choices especially when it comes to food. If you can make time each week to put a plan in place you are far more likely to succeed in hitting your health and wellness goals. If you have healthy food choices around you you’re more likely to eat well - it’s that simple. You don’t have to think about anything, you just eat good, healthy food. Here are 3 top tips that will make sure you are surrounded by good food most of the time.

1. Plan your week

Make a note of when you might have to go out for business lunches or dinners with friends. If you know you’re going out in the evening then you can prepare your day in advance and make sure you have eaten as well as possible proceeding those engagements. If you know you are going to be really busy at the beginning of the week and might not have time to cook then you may want to prepare some food in advance on a Sunday. This is where meal prep can come in very handy.


2. Meal prep

Preparing meals in advance doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it may seem. You can keep it really easy and convenient. Instead of trying to cook meals for the whole week find the days on which you know you might be out and cook healthy dinners in advance. That way you’ll be prepared and have those healthy meals ready to go straight from the fridge rather than picking up unhealthy easy options from the supermarket on your way home. Take a look at our 5 tops tips on successful meal prep.

3. Healthy meal delivery services

These can be a great option for those people who want to eat well but might not have the time or inclination to shop for all of the good-for-you ingredients needed to create delicious and healthy meals. Services like Mindful Chef do all of the hard work so all you need to do is cook great tasting dinners at home. Not only do you get quality produce but all of the meals can be cooked in less than 30 minutes even by the most novice of chefs. You can also order a number of meals to suit your busy schedule so if you only need to use a delivery service for 2 nights a week you can. Or if you’re worried you won’t have time to eat well all week then use them for the whole week and not worry about the hassle of going shopping.

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