Community Managers Alice and Olivia have started Project Me, The 12-week PDF fitness and nutrition guide from Get the Gloss, the online destination for beauty and wellness. Find out more about the guide here. Here's how we got on during week one.

The Workout


We took our workout outside before work and did the week 1 & 2 circuit. The great thing about the plan is that it really can be done anywhere and the first few weeks require no equipment whatsoever!

After a 5 minutes warm up, the workout consists of 4 sets of 30 seconds work & 30 seconds rest of the following exercises:

Renegade row

What we love about the plan is that it is aimed at all fitness levels and is an excellent introduction for anyone who does not exercise regularly. We decided to step it up a bit - instead of squats we did jump squats and swapped our lunges for jump lunges. We also completed the exercises for 40 seconds with 20 seconds rest to really push ourselves harder. The great thing about Project Me is that you really can suit it to your individual fitness level and push yourself as hard as you are able to.

We’re both off on holiday this weekend but will be taking our guides with us to do our workouts in the sunshine!


The food

Here at Mindful Chef we don’t believe in diets but rather advocate a lifestyle that incorporates eating fresh, whole ingredients and cooking your own healthy meals - food needn’t be restrictive or boring, healthy food can be delicious, filling and imaginative! We love the Project Me guide as it follows this philosophy, providing you with delicious, colourful recipes that fill you up with high quality proteins, healthy fats, non-refined carbohydrates and delicious vegetables.

After we hit the park for our circuit we made the ‘Mexican Breakfast’ - a delicious recipe made with a tomato & avocado salsa, black beans, poached eggs, coriander & chives. Not only was this breakfast so easy to make but it was delicious and the perfect thing to refuel us after our circuit!


The Project Me plan is packed full of easy, flavoursome recipes, leaving us feeling full and satisfied without having to plan our meals or worry about meeting our nutritional needs. At Mindful Chef we follow the same principles, making it easy to eat healthily for life, whilst also saving you time and reducing waste.

We’ll be sticking with this guide over the next few weeks to make sure we are feeling hot, happy & healthy all summer long. Thinking about giving it a go yourself? Check out our exclusive 30% offer here.