Spring is here and along with it comes longer days, brighter skies and the perfect opportunity to re-energise your body and mind. We've put together our top 5 tips to help you recharge your health and feel your best this Spring.

Eat seasonal, local produce - some of the healthiest, best-tasting vegetables are available in Spring. Look out for favourites like asparagus, spinach and wild garlic on the Mindful Chef menu. Asparagus is a rich source of vitamins and spinach has high levels of iron - all contributing to good health.

Enjoy nature - Spring is an ideal time to be active and experience the outdoors. As human beings we are not meant to be cooped up inside all day long. Being outdoors allows you to increase the amount of Vitamin D you can get which helps to keep bones healthy. It will also give you a chance to unwind and get in touch with nature. Feeling pushed for time? Take a quick stroll at lunchtime.

running in park

De-Stress - put some time aside to clear your mind and think about the positive things in your life. Start looking forward to the life you want for yourself and how you can make changes to enable that to happen. Spend 5 minutes everyday before bed or first thing in the morning meditating and appreciating nature and the good things going on in your life.

Activities that nourish the mind as well as the body - all too often we focus solely on improving the way we look rather than the way we feel. We are big advocates of leading a healthy lifestyle but understand this means improving our minds as well. Try studying something new like a language or reading a new book. We've just released our debut book 'Mindful Chef. Eat Well Live Better', which contains 70 of our favourite recipes, plus dedicated sections on how nutrition can impact energy and productivity, gut health, sleep, stress and exercise. You can order a copy here.

Eat food that will help you feel your best - eating ready-made meals or high processed foods are always going to make you feel lethargic or bloated. You may not notice it if you're used to it but if you can make small changes to your diet you will realise how much better you can look and feel. Our Mindful Chef meals only contain good-for-you ingredients and no processed foods or refined carbohydrates.

salmon, egg and asparagus