There is no time like party season to grasp the opportunity to dress your best. We've teamed up with the London Sock Company and Theo Van Den Broeke, from Esquire, to share their top tips to looking your best at the party.

Dress codes are important, especially as we approach the festive season. Though receiving an invitation which makes very specific demands on your wardrobe can be irritating and in some cases expensive, dress codes exist to:

a) prevent guests from being embarrassed by dressing too casually for an event (you can never be too smart, after all) and

b) impart a sense of occasion and solemnity that would otherwise dissolve into a sea of denim jeans and white T-shirts.

Black tie, perhaps the most common party season dress code, is one that really seems to flummox people. I can never really understand why, as it’s easily the most descriptive of all dress codes. Where ‘smart casual’ doesn’t really tell you anything about what you should be wearing and ‘business casual’ is just nonsense, ‘Black Tie’ is self-explanatory.

To avoid any further confusion, a good black tie outfit consists of a few unmovable elements. First, a beautiful black or midnight blue tuxedo finished with satin, grosgrain or velvet lapels and blood stripe. Then, a smart white shirt with a regular cut-away collar (wing tips should only ever be worn with white tie), some high-shine patent dress shoes and a black tie of some description (purists say that only bow ties should be worn with black tie, while others, like me, decree that a silk necktie, the likes of which The London Sock Company has just started producing, is equally acceptable).


The one thing people never really talk about is the socks you should wear with your tuxedo, which is strange as the moment you sit down they’ll be the first thing people see. For my money a pair from The London Sock Company’s Simply Sartorial collection is your safest bet. Manufactured from soft Scottish Lisle cotton and finished with a natty rib, a fresh pair in ebony, navy, burgundy or racing green will finish your look perfectly. Or you could be a touch more adventurous with their Martina Spot of Style Classic Black matched with their jacquard silk tie. Just don’t forget to polish your shoes.


Everyone knows that dressing well makes you feel more confident and most importantly, people notice. At London Sock Co. we believe that style and fashion doesn't have to be complicated. We regularly share simple style tips and ideas from our professional stylists and well dressed celebrities, trying to make it easier for everyone to dress well.

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Did you know… It wasn't until after World War II that black tie became special occasion wear rather than standard evening wear.

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