We're half way through 2016 and this year has seen an even bigger shift in the health and wellness scene. Every year this movement and way of life seems to be getting bigger and bigger. We take a look at some of the biggest trends to look out for over the next 6 months.

1. Fermented Foods

fermented foods The bacterial route to a healthier gut - fermented foods are growing in popularity. Foods such as Sauerkraut, pickles and kimchi are all being championed as ways to boost gut health, immunity and improve the way we look and feel. Fermented foods can also help reduce the symptoms of IBS and leaky gut syndrome. We're a big fan of the Hemsley's at Mindful Chef. Here they are explaining how fermented foods can benefit your health and digestion.

2. Athleisure

athleisure This fashion craze has taken the world by storm. What used to be seen as a faux pas is now the norm as it has become more common for women to wear athleisure when meeting up with friends or going to their favourite coffee shops. Companies like Sweaty Betty have turned their athleisure and the people promoting it into style icons. Health doesn't just start and stop at the gym, it's a lifestyle and these brands are promoting that message. Founder of Sweaty Betty, Tamara Hill Norton, explains why athleisure is has grown in popularity:

"We wanted to adopt the aspirational lifestyle feel of some of the ski and surf brands out there and create a collection that women could wear and feel great in" People are building sportswear into their everyday wardrobes’. It’s no longer something you throw on for the school run, then have to change out of later. You can wear it all day.
We have spent 18 years refining our designs to make sure they flatter those bits of the thighs that women hate, and lift and sculpt your bum."

3. Seaweed is the new Kale

seaweed food The latest craze to hit our dinner plates seaweed boasts a whole range of health benefits including better skin and improved digestion. Most seaweed currently on supermarket shelves will have travelled thousands of miles but we are lucky to have a sustainable, local provider that is not only good for us but also the environment. The Cornish Seaweed Company acknowledge the importance of seaweeds for marine life and for its use as a healthy food. Keep an eye out for their seaweed in our recipe boxes soon.

4. The rise of non-dairy milks

milk alternatives The popularity of non-dairy milk seems to have risen dramatically. There are more and more people opting for non-dairy milk alternatives despite not showing any signs of lactose intolerance. We limit the amount of dairy we have at Mindful Chef (our recipes don't include any). Check out Madeleine Shaw's favourite 5 non-dairy milk alternatives like the Oat Milk found above.

5. Hiit training

hiit training While interval training is nothing new internet sensations like The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks has made this type of training a must for anyone looking to get healthier. If you're short of time and want the most bang for your buck training Hiit can be extremely effective. Our very own Co-Founder Myles explains why you don't have to spend hours slogging away in the gym to achieve the results you are looking for. “Depending on your ability, goals and health, working with short, sharp intervals can improve your aerobic fitness, muscles and blood sugar control”.

6. Mindfulness

mindfulness Being healthy in 2016 is much more than just sweating away in the gym and eating a restrictive diet. There is a much more holistic approach to health and wellness. Mindfulness incorporates everything from food to relationships and mental wellbeing in order to help reduce stress and incite feelings of calmness and peace in order to achieve an improved state of wellbeing. There are some great apps you can use like Headspace to help you learn more about mindfulness.

7. Avocados avocados avocados

avocado recipe We love avocados at Mindful Chef and try to include them on the menu and in our recipe boxes whenever possible. Packed full of vitamins, potassium and healthy fats avocados can help your skin look much healthier. Check out Kayla Itsines top reasons why avocados should be a staple in anyones diet.

8. Matcha Everything

matcha Surpassing all other teas in terms of physical health benefits, this anti-oxidant packed super powder is now being incorporated into a variety of recipes. From the classic iced matcha latte to matcha coconut ice lolly’s and matcha flavoured popcorn, Sheerluxe bring you their top 23 recipes

9. Banana Ice Cream

healthy treat This healthy sweet treat is about to take the UK by storm. Announcing the first ever Vegan banana ice cream bar in the UK, Nana bar are hoping to bring the public delicious and healthy treats in 2017. If you can't wait for Nana bar Naturally Sassy has a simple chocolate banana ice cream recipe here.

10. Veganism

vegan recipe If you thought Veganism was big now it's set to increase in popularity over the next year. As more people are considering the impact of meat eating and mass animal farms on the environment there has been a shift in eating habits and eating less meat. 'Veganuary' attracted 55,000 people and it seems every day their is a new celebrity championing this way of eating. Check out these 5 reasons from Get The Gloss on why you should consider going vegan