Whatever the occasion, summer is the perfect time for entertaining at home. Looking to impress friends with a sophisticated yet effortless menu? We've pulled together a selection of our favourite summer recipes that are healthy, vibrant and above all delicious.


chargrilled jerk chicken

Chargrilled jerk chicken Our juicy butterflied chicken is spiced with jerk seasoning which includes a mix of ground coriander, punchy paprika, allspice, cumin, nutmeg and bay leaf. We serve it alongside a zingy tomato & chilli salsa. View recipe.

Seared steak with salsa verde. Our salsa verde made with fresh garlic, parsley, mint, lemon juice and capers is the perfect addition to succulent steaks. Cook them on the BBQ for additional smoky flavour. view recipe.

salmon skewer

Honey & ginger salmon skewers. We've served our salmon skewers with a vibrant raw rainbow slaw of carrot, radish and sugar snaps with a zingy lime dressing. View recipe

Pork & apricot kebabs. We've paired seasonal sweet apricots together with lean pork loin for a delicious fruity summer kebab, loaded with Vitamin C. View recipe.

Chipotle veggie kebabs. Our vibrant chargrilled vegetable kebabs are marinated in a spicy chipotle and lime sauce. Perfect for vegans and meat-eaters alike. View recipe

Summer salads

duck courgetti salad

Seared duck with mango, chilli & courgetti. Crisp fresh courgetti is topped with sliced duck breast, toasted cashew, coriander pesto and chunks of fresh mango. View recipe.

Apple & fennel lentils with avocado.We've combined creamy avocado, crisp apple matchsticks and fibre-packed brown lentils and drizzled this with a dressing made up of Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar, which has been widely praised for its health benefits. View recipe.

Griddled peaches, tenderstem & hazelnuts. Sweet summer peaches are the star ingredient to this dish. Great chargrilled on the BBQ or in a griddle pan. View recipe.



Strawberry & coconut banana ice cream. This super simple, quick dessert is a favourite of ours. Made with just four tasty ingredients, our healthy banana ice cream is a real crowd-pleaser. View recipe. alt