Aine Carlin, top vegan cook and author of two popular cook books has created three imaginative, easy to make recipes for our plant-based box this week including:

Falafel stuffed mushrooms with a kale & quinoa tabbouleh

Miso & buckwheat noodle broth with marinated tofu pieces

Romaine lettuce wraps with spicy chickpeas & cauli-rice

Aine's most recent cookbook, 'The New Vegan' showcases a wealth of inspirational recipes and advice on adopting a vegan lifestyle. Aine lives in Cornwall and regularly writes on Pea Soup Eats, her blog packed with plant-based recipes.

We've loved cooking up Aine's recipes in the Mindful Chef kitchen, we're sure you'll enjoy them too!

1) We’re delighted that you have created a collection of delicious plant-based recipes for us. Please could you tell us a bit about why you choose to follow a vegan lifestyle?

It was initially for health reasons - minor niggles including lethargy, dry skin, hair and nails etc. ... all of which improved within three weeks of going vegan. I then began to join the dots with regards to ethics and environment, and I've basically never looked back.

2) What are your top tips for those starting to eat healthily?

Well, I personally began by clearing out my fridge and cupboards, and refilling them with an abundance of fresh fruit, veg and, most importantly, snacks. I find that most people falter when they don't have something they can eat in an instant, so get a batch of bliss balls on the go pronto!

3) Who do you find inspirational when coming up with new recipes?

I find inspiration everywhere although I've always loved the sheer simplicity of Nigel Slater's food. Travel is another major source of foodie inspiration - we're hoping to embark on a long awaited 'vegan road-trip' of the States ... I'm chomping at the bit to get to Portland.

4) Do you have a favourite sweet treat you like to make to indulge in occasionally?

I'm really into raw desserts, as I find them satisfying on so many levels - they satiate that sweet tooth as well as nourishing your body so they're a win, win treat, in my opinion. My current favourite is the 'Banoffee Pie' from my latest book 'The New Vegan' ... my Husband tells me it's even better than its sugar-laden cousin.

Aine's dishes below are available to order until Friday 22 April, for delivery on 24/25 April.