Mindful Chef serves not only to provide delicious and healthy meals but also to help educate people on how they can improve their lives. One of the most common questions we are asked is 'what foods are good for me?' A better question is 'what is good nutrition and why should you be concerned with it.'

Good nutrition will help you achieve your body goals whether they be losing weight, looking better in a dress or looking great with your top off. More importantly though, good nutrition will also help improve your health and performance both mentally and physically.

There are 3 main key areas you need to concentrate on to achieve good nutrition:
1. Energy balance - the body can be in either a state of positive, negative or neutral balance.

  • Positive state - calories > energy expenditure
  • Negative state - calories < energy expenditure
  • Neutral balance - calories = energy expenditure

All will have an impact on our moods and our metabolic and hormonal balance. Good nutrition helps to control energy balance.
2. Nutrient density - ratio of nutrients in a particular food compared to the amount of calories it has.
3. Calorie density - the amount of calories in a particular food. A low calorie density food might be leafy green vegetables and an example of a high calorie food would be a chocolate bar.

Whatever your goals may be we want to make sure you are healthy from the way you look, to the way you feel and perform. It is only by making changes and targeting all of the areas above that you will sustain good health in the long term. Complement a good nutrition plan with these 5 other easy changes to your weekly regime.

By ensuring your diet consists of lots of nutrient dense, natural and non-processed foods (ingredients like those used in our recipes every week) you will achieve optimal health.

Our nutritionists work closely with our chefs to create nutritionally balanced AND delicious meals. If you are looking for more inspiration or want to find out more about what we do click on the link below.