This Christmas we've teamed up with Joseph & Joseph for our advent calendar giveaway. Up for grabs is a steaming nest, perfect for making sure your vegetables stay as nutritious as possible.

Steaming is one of the easiest, healthiest ways to cook vegetables. Whether you use a steamer basket or the microwave method, this low-fat crowd pleaser is bound to leave you with delicious, vibrant veggies, jam packed with nutrients otherwise lost in other cooking methods.

Unlike boiling, which destroys up to 50% of vegetables’ nutrients, steaming doesn’t involve any water loss. Steaming is recommended as one of the best ways to retain nutrients in veggies overall. Just about any vegetable you steam, about half a cup worth, contains roughly 25 calories and a multitude of vitamins and minerals.


Veggie Steamer Tips & Tricks

  1. You can actually steam multiple veggies at a time; just make sure to add the ones that take longer first then add the quicker ones later.
  2. If you’re not looking for a scalding facial, be sure to open the lid away from you!
  3. Steaming times are to preference, meaning that some like more crunch, and some like extra soft veggies. You can always cook more or less than the approximated cook time which is just a general guideline.
  4. Don’t be afraid to lightly season veggies; plain doesn’t necessarily mean healthy!
  5. Hint of butter or olive oil – stick to about 1tsp; don’t want to go adding tons of calories.
  6. Light dressing or citrus juice – a splash of lemon juice can go a long way.
  7. Herbs and spices – simply salt and pepper, plus crushed red pepper flakes for some heat, can work wonders!
  8. You can even steam with chicken broth instead of water for added flavour.

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